Burns Barnyard Beauties

Chick Orders

All chicks are sold as STRAIGHT RUN ONLY.

We guarantee our chicks to be defect free. Each and every single chick is handled and screened by both my husband and myself. Our flocks consist of only birds that meet our standards, but we simply cannot guarantee that our chicks will be exhibition quality. These chicks will be purebred and true to their breed characteristic's but that is where our guarantee ends. We feel that if we could guarantee perfection, we would be admitting out flock could never improve. That is simply a myth, there is always room for improvement.

Shipping Chicks

We feel very strong about the quality and care we give our chicks. We have a minimum order of 10-20 chicks (depending on weather) from September 1st until March 31st and a minimum order of 6-15 chicks (depending on weather) from April 1st until August 31st. To insure a safe arrival we will only ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays and will not place any chicks in the mail if bad weather is likely to endanger their health. We will do everything in our power to get all orders filled and shipped in a timely manner, however, the safety of our birds will take priority. Sick, stressed, or even dead birds will not be in anyone's best interest. All chicks will be shipped in proper crating with traction mat, and some treats.

Local Pick-Up Order

There is no chick minimum on local pick-up orders. Must call, text, or email to make an appointment to pick up your chicks.

Hatching Eggs

We have decided not to offer hatching eggs for local pickup or shipment; there is to much of a risk with eggs that people do not understand. 



Our Orpingtons are American, and bred to the APA standard.

Buff Orpington   

Lavender Orpington


Black Silkie

Blue-Cream (Porcelain) Silkie 

Gray Silkie

Self-Blue (Lavender) Silkie