Burns Barnyard Beauties


All of our Orpington's are American, and bred to the APA standard.

Buff Orpington

Our Buffs are directly from Don Chandler; we were lucky enough to  inquire his

breeding stock once he was no longer able to breed them himself.

Day Old Chicks $10.00 each

Lavender Orpington

Day Old Lavender Chicks $10.00 each

Day Old Black Split to Lavender $6.00 each

50% Lavender & 50% Black Split to Lavender

Genetic Information

Lavender bred's true. Lavender bred to a Lavender will always breed Lavender. Lavender genes have a tendency to dilute after a few generations of Lavender on Lavender. Black or Black Split is crossed into Lavender to help from the Lavender color diluting, genetic diversity, and feather quality. DO NOT EVER breed blue into Lavender, I've heard many people say they are doing this. This will ruin the Lavender color, NOT improve it. The chart below will help with breeding plans. 

Lavender x Lavender = 100% Lavender

Lavender x Black = 100% Black Split To Lavender

Black Split Lavender x Black Split Lavender = 25% Lavender, 50% Black Split Lavender, 25% Black