Burns Barnyard Beauties

Updated: 12/19/17

Terms of Sales: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold an animal. Animals WILL NOT be held without a deposit and will remain available for purchase until deposit has been made. Once deposit is received, the buyer must make arrangements for pickup of kids within 10 days of receiving the deposit. Any kid that is still here after 10 days with be charged $3 per day per kid boarding fee. We have limited kid pen space and would appreciate kids being picked up in a timely manner. Failure to pickup the purchased kid will result in the cancellation of purchase and forfeiture of deposit. NO EXEPTIONS If you would like us to hold a kid until weaning age of 10 weeks, a feeding fee agreed upon by both parties will be incorporated into the purchase price of the kid. Any testing can be done at the request and expense of the buyer and is NOT reimbursable regardless of test results. (Some tests may be unavailable due to the age of the animal.) The animal tested will remain at Burns Barnyard Beauties until results are confirmed. Undesired results will result in a return of deposit to the buyer if so desired and a cancellation of sale from the seller if desired. All sales will be final once the animal has left the premises, there will be no refunds of money or returns of purchased animals once they have departed from Burns Barnyard Beauties. 

Purebred Nubians For Sale:


Will list availability soon!


12 Oaks Farm Chew Tobacco

Registration ID:N1806626


SIRE: Shekinah's RL Limitless

(*B Blissberry Rockin' The Limits / Lakeshore Hot To Trot)

DAM: Black Mesa Migonette's Abigail

(+*B SG Lakeshore-Farms Mr. Bentley / Black Mesa Pepper's Migonette 10*M)


I have listed quite a few Nubians, due to downsizing out herd. We are no longer able to get the quality alfalfa at the price we need that's close to us. So without breaking the bank, we will be selling some does, doelings, bucks and bucklings. With that being said my little guy is sick, we have a double ear infection and a virus, along with breathing treatments! So, I will try to get individual pictures of everyone for sale hopefully tomorrow. If not, I will get them this weekend. I also might be adding more for sale. Feel free to call or text me with any questions. Texting might get you a quicker response due to me multitasking with life ;) if you call please leave a voicemail and ill call back asap! 

ADGA Purebred Nubian's For Sale